Sept. 29, 2022

35 | Behind the Scenes of a Copywriter with Elle Rosselli

35 | Behind the Scenes of a Copywriter with Elle Rosselli

Elle helps clients take back their time and give them confidence that their sales copy is converting to its maximum potential.

Many of her clients enjoy writing but don't have the time to dedicate to it any longer and aren't sure their writing is "effective" enough, anyway. 


Elle serves solopreneurs and small business owners who coach, consult, or have created a high-ticket course to help others know what they know. Her ideal client is established enough that they know their brand inside and out and can easily identify their own ideal client.


What I absolutely LOVE about this interview, is that Elle truly gives you a behind-the-scenes preview of how she works as a copywriter. Turns out: writing is a small portion of the process! This interview gives you a whole new appreciation for copywriters, and if you’re looking for one be sure to click on the links below.


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