About Discovery Call


It can be hard to find the right fit for your business when it's time to expand your team... so what if you could listen in on a discovery call? 


I interview experts in their field so you can get to know them too. Simply listen in, go to the show notes, and connect!


This is also the place for curious and always growing entrepreneurs. Every guest is asked to give tips and tricks that you can implement in your own business.


Find your person, find your network, and let's grow together.


(If you are looking for someone specific, click on "episodes" and check out the categories! I strive to make this easy for you!)



Dani Hamlet


About Dani:


I help busy business owners launch and manage their podcasts. The podcast world has allowed me to blend my copywriting skills, love for audio, and organization into one beautiful purpose: get your voice and your message out into the world!

I love partnering together to create the podcast, edit audio, plan content, and repurpose the content to reach a broader audience. I help you move from being stuck with your podcast idea, to being off the ground and running.


I love what I do at Discovery Call. I work hard to create a space where business owners can find their people when it is time to outsource. I get to meet so many amazing business owners and let the world know about them, does it get much better!?


Want to chat? Want to be on the podcast? Email me at discoverycallpodcast@gmail.com