Crack the Code of Cold Emails and Declutter your Mental Trash with Laura Lopuch

Crack the Code of Cold Emails and Declutter your Mental Trash with Laura Lopuch

Laura is a cold email and pitch expert. She helps entrepreneurs, service providers, freelancers, and consultants get clients using cold emails... which is basically emailing a stranger to ask them to take the action you want.

With cold emails, you're fishing in a large lake of your ideal client, angling specifically for an ideal client.


Getting started

Laura fell into becoming an expert on cold emails by happenstance. When she started her business she intentionally burned a lot of bridges with her network. Laura was coming from the legal field and didn't want to do anything, ever, ever again with lawyers or the legal field. She was so done with it. So she couldn't tap her network for getting clients in the software as a service or the SASS world, which is what she wanted to work in. Laura was starting from scratch.

Cold calling scared her so badly, but the only skill she had was emailing because of working in a law firm and having to document every conversation. So she started off cold emailing and committed to this course of action.

It was horrible!

She wasn't getting any replies, no action. Laura felt like she was emailing the internet like a trash bin. But she grit her teeth and kept going determined to make this work.

It took about 3 to 4 months and then fast forward to about a year to two years later into Laura's business, she realized what an extraordinary thing she accomplished. Nobody has cracked the code, and realized many people were interested to learn how to do this.

How long?

It was over the course of about three months, but it felt a lot longer! Even looking back on it, it still feels a lot longer than three months.

It was pretty much like asking a new person out on a date every single day. The personal level of rejection was the hardest part.

After 3 months, Laura moved on to Google on how to do a sales call because people were saying yes to her emails. It was around a month five that she landed a 20 thousand client from one cold email.

By that time I was like -  "Oh, this is working. This is awesome."


Be in the Drivers Seat

Cold emailing puts you back in the driver's seat instead of sitting in the passenger seat wondering why you aren't going anywhere. Move over to the driver's seat and let's do this thing! It's invigorating and scary all at once.

When you do get that reply back in your inbox... it feels like you win the lottery!


Biggest Hurdle in writing cold emails

The biggest hurdle is actually getting over the fear of clicking send. That feels so scary because it's that level of possible personal rejection. Maybe you post on social media and it doesn't seem like anybody looked at it and it's like, "Oh well, I just, you know, tossed it up there and nothing happened." But when someone like says no via email, it feels heavier.

That fear can prevent a lot of the people who do want to send cold emails from sending a cold email, especially in that fear they didn't immediately reply. You're watching your inbox waiting for that reply. 

You need to learn to live with that feeling and learn to live with the fear of clicking send. It's just part of a cold email process and it's totally normal.

Practical Tips

The first step would be to figure out who that ideal client is. Who's that person on the other side of the screen that's going to be reading your cold email?

Once you start figuring out who that person is, then you can actually start putting together an email that number one speaks to them, and number two, they want to say yes to.

You're aiming to answer your recipient's question, "What's in it for me?" It's a normal human question! You filter everything in your life through this one question.

So once you figure out what's in it for them and answer that for them, then you can write your email from a non sleazy perspective, because you're really just answering that question.

Mental Trash

There's a lot of mental trash in our minds! Especially when it comes to cold emails because it brings up all those feelings of rejection. You might be back in high school asking that person out.

You need to get to the point where you're just going to go for it. What if they say no? It's not going to be the end of the world! You can go ask so many more people

Once you start seeing it as more in an abundance mindset versus scarcity and acknowledge the fact that your one email is not like the Superbowl... you can get through it. You've got lots of ideal clients out there waiting for you to present them with the solution to their problems. You just haven't unearthed them yet, because you've maybe focused too much on this one ideal client.

Cold Emails for ALL Levels of Business

At its core, a cold email is an email sent to a stranger asking them to do the specific thing that you want them to do.

You can use cold sales emails when you're just starting off in your business to fill your roster with one on one clients.

Or you can use it at any level! You can use them to land podcast interviews, set up affiliate partnerships with someone, or to put on a webinar or a workshop for a group of people you want to serve.