May 5, 2022

Helping Business Owners Pursue Passion Over Paperwork with Joanna Williams

Helping Business Owners Pursue Passion Over Paperwork with Joanna Williams


You could say Joanna Williams is a fractional COO, or a director of operations if you will. There are a lot of different definitions in this field, but Joanna deals a lot with the operations of small businesses.

You can summarize Joanna's work in one phrase:


Passion Over Paperwork


Joanna takes what you love to do and makes sure you spend your time doing it! She takes over the back end of your business to take it to the next level. This ranges from organizing to client relationship management, or even onboarding your first team. Joanna creates the processes you need to do all of this.


Give up the Boring Parts of Your Business

When it comes to processes and procedures, it can be honestly boring for business owners. Many don't like to take a deep dive into this, which is why Joanna is so helpful because she makes it as fun as possible.

Truth be told, there are tons of CRMs out there! You go on the internet and everyone is pushing one of them. What Joanna does is really look at how the business owner is operating and how they work and select one that is based on their current and future needs.


One size does NOT fit all!


Capture, Track, and Meet your Goals with Joanna's POP Method

Joanna has been using her POP method for her personal business's goal setting and is now something she offers to her clients.

The POP method is designed to observe and preserve. This provides the tools to track and reach those goals - it's not just about looking back on last year, but a tool to plan out future goals.

Joanna's POP Method takes the data to help observe and assess progress, as well as fine-tune future processes. You can see if you're trending toward the goal! 

This method also preserves the data, so you can look back over a year, especially when we're talking about the super long-term goals like your 5-year 10-year plan.

Joanna tries to make it as easy as possible to track data. She's created quite a few tools to track and monitor your success. It’s easy for everyone and all you have to do is your numbers.

The POP Method is something she includes in her program. Her clients have really enjoyed it!

Reach Out To Joanna!

Joanna's typical clients are not brand new businesses, but they're in a brand new phase of their business and they're realizing they need to get some standardized processes down.

Business owners come to Joanna when they are adding team members and don't know how to seamlessly onboard. Their team is growing and they're just confused about how to even train them, how to get them. They need a system to get people trained and onboard correctly. 

If this describes you, click below to access her contact information in the show notes and listen in on the conversation!