June 2, 2022

Crack the Code of Cold Emails and Declutter your Mental Trash with Laura Lopuch

Crack the Code of Cold Emails and Declutter your Mental Trash with Laura Lopuch

Laura is a cold email and pitch expert who helps freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs make more sales naturally with emails. She writes top-shelf emails that sell with a dash of storytelling. In today’s episode, Laura shares her journey with cold emails and cracking the code, to later realize this is a niche in marketing that could use more support. We talk about the mental “trash” you must unpack before hitting that “send” button, and how learning the art of writing cold emails can grow your business in so many ways.

We talk about...

⭐️ Why she burned her network down to the ground, and how cold emails built a new one that aligned with her business


⭐️ Practical tips on how to write a cold email that puts you back in the driver’s seat - it’s scary, exhilarating, and when it works you pretty much win the lottery!


⭐️ How she pushed forward when she felt like she was emailing “the internet’s trash bin”


⭐️ Laura cracked the code on how to use cold emails that don’t feel sleazy, slimy, or too “salesy”


⭐️ The hardest part? Overcoming the fear of pushing send! Learn to live with the fear and the waiting period, it is part of the process.


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Laura’s Website: https://www.lauralopuch.com/200koptin 


Laura’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/waitingtoberead 


Laura’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lauralopuch/ 


www.lauralopuch.com/discoverycall  👉🏻 two cold email templates and two real life email examples to get started sending effective cold emails


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