April 7, 2022

Creating a Business that Serves your Family and your Clients | Web Designer | Mara Olson

Creating a Business that Serves your Family and your Clients | Web Designer | Mara Olson

Mara helps you get out of the weeds of doing whatever work comes your way by helping you create a clear deliverable. If you're going to take precious time away from your family or life to start a business, your work should be something that you love and earns a good income as well. Get your arms around your online presence to build an offer that will provide more "sweet spot" work - and Mara will show you how!  

Mara provides educational content and marketing services through “Goal Setting Mama”. Mara’s marketing agency - Smart Bee - places an emphasis on excellent copy by serving small businesses and startups with their online presence through WordPress website design & management, Google My Business management, SEO, and email management.


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