June 30, 2022

Email is NOT Dead with Adam Rosen

Email is NOT Dead with Adam Rosen

Adam is an email outreach specialist who provides automated cold email outreach to get you more sales appointments faster. We all need more sales appointments; Adam gets you 2x the meetings at half the price. Any B2B company that has a large potential customer base to reach out to will benefit Adam’s expertise. Listen and learn some tips on the art of writing those cold emails that lead to warm leads!

Adam talks about...


⭐️ Getting over that psychological hurdle that cold email doesn't work. In a way… it’s true, haphazard emailing doesn't work. There's an art to it.


⭐️ Keep emails short, sweet, and to the point! Emails, especially cold emails, should never be more than four or five or six sentences tops. Make it easy for them to read.


⭐️Knowing your client: what is the problem? Why are you emailing them? What is your solution?


⭐️Tips on how to outsource and streamline your business!.


⭐️Knowing your place in this world. Why are you better than your competitors? You have to first figure out what makes you different before you can craft that awesome email.


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