Aug. 4, 2022

How to Create Non-Overwhelm in Your Business with Kathie York [RECAST]

How to Create Non-Overwhelm in Your Business with Kathie York [RECAST]

For the month of August, I am sharing the most memorable episodes of the past year. I am so excited to share with you (again!) Kathie York!

I will include some fun updates, and why this particular episode was fertilizer to an idea, that has grown SO much over the past year! We have so many new ways for you to take action from this episode, so even if you remember Kathie be sure to tune in.


Kathie York is a website usability coach who makes your site easy to use for humans to navigate and stay engaged. On top of this, Kathie shares tips and tricks on how to build “non-overwhelm’ into your business processes. Kathie comes with a bag full of advice that has been proven true in her own life. I fell in love with her wisdom, humor, and generosity to help other business owners not just survive their business, but enjoy it too. 


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