July 21, 2022

Prioritize your Marketing with Kristi Mitchell

Prioritize your Marketing with Kristi Mitchell

Kristi Mitchell is a marketing strategist who helps her clients save time and energy by simplifying, streamlining, and strategizing their marketing efforts. Her goal is to take away the overwhelm of marketing and help her clients prioritize their efforts. Kristi provides data-driven approaches to marketing while genuinely understanding the challenges and responsibilities of running a business. Your marketing strategy is unique, and Kristi takes away the guesswork and provides (so much!) clarity for your business.

Some highlights… ⭐️ Kristi helps you prioritize what you can do on your own, and what you may need to outsource. You may actually be surprised just how much you can handle on your time!


⭐️ WHY you want to hire Kristi before your first VA (and a good VA will be thankful you did!)


⭐️ Marketing doesn’t have to get in the way of having a successful business, and you don’t have to DIY your strategy anymore.


⭐️ Listen and receive a birds-eye view of her marketing funnel, and how Kristi customizes this for you.

Connect with Kristi!


Kristi’s Website: www.kristimitchell.com 


Kristi’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristimitchell/ 


Kristi’s Booking Calendar: https://calendly.com/kristi-mitchell/free-consult 


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