Nov. 8, 2021

Virtual Assistant for General Administration | Skyla Stamsos

Virtual Assistant for General Administration | Skyla Stamsos

Today we will be bringing to you a new and noteworthy business owner, Skyla Stamsos. Skyla is a virtual assistant who specializes in general admin and data entry. She treats your business like it is her business, and gets all the necessary details accomplished for you. 

Skyla works with small business owners who don't have the time or knowledge to do certain tasks in their business. She helps by taking over the small and remedial tasks allowing you to free up your time for more important and larger tasks. She takes a little weight off your shoulders. 

One of her biggest strengths lies in her work ethic and her respect for her clients. Anyone can do data entry, anyone can manage an email system, all it takes is reading a blog post or two and watching a video to learn how to do it for yourself. Yes, she can do all of this for you and free up your time, but she treats your business like it’s her own, and respects your time and money. Skyla doesn’t just run the clock down and take your money. She understands the hard work, time, energy, and money you had to put into your business to become successful and build it to what you have today.

Your business is your baby and Skyla keeps that in mind and runs your business just like she would her own.

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We also mentioned a Facebook group we are both in: if you are a VA or looking to get into the business we highly recommend Aubrey Malick’s podcast Freelancer to CEO!


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